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TEC 2012 – I’m speaking!

Once again I’ll be off to TEC US this year, though this time travelling from Australia, and this time in the company of my collegue Bob Bradley. I’m presenting a session on MIIS/ILM migration to FIM. Not the sexiest topic I admit, but certainly one with the potential to be far knottier than you may
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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I will be delivering two sessions at TEC on managing BPOS and Office 365 with FIM. The first session “Head in the Clouds” will include an overview and discussion of the IdM tools available with BPOS and Office 365 and where they are (and are not!) applicable. I’ll also be giving lots of examples from
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Speaking at expertDay in Lausanne on the 15th of June

I will be speaking at the LANexpert expertDay conference in Lausanne on the 15th of June. I will be talking about how various products in the Identity spectrum fit together, focusing in particular on how the move to Cloud applications makes local management of users and groups even more critical. I have a neat little demo where I create a
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My TEC 2010 Highlights

At TEC you really can learn from the best. Some of the speakers may not be the most polished, but at least you know they’re talking from a position of genuine experience. My top three sessions this year were the ones where I felt I learnt the most.

TEC 2009 – a personal roundup

The US TEC 2009 is now over, and what a great week it’s been. This was the first year that Quest were running the show, and as far as I could tell it was very much business as usual for the conference, with the welcome addition of an Exchange track to the usual Directory and
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TechDays 2009 Geneva

If anyone is in the Geneva area, and has not yet registered for TechDays, I believe there are still some places available: I will be presenting a session on ILM “2” of course.