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Exchange 2007 Cross-Forest Migration

This is a follow-up to the post about renaming a domain with Exchange 2007, which you actually can’t do as it turns out, so this became a migration to a new forest. I was mostly working on the mailbox migration, so this post only covers Exchange 2007 to 2007 cross-forest migration.

Renaming a 2003 AD domain that has Exchange 2007

Here’s an unpleasant little fact you only find out if you need to: while you could rename a domain that hosted Exchange 2003, this functionality has been removed with Exchange 2007. Hmm. So what if you need to? Well a customer is insisting that it must be done, so I’ve had to do some investigations.

Battle-scarred but (mostly) victorious – experiences with the Exchange 2007 Transporter for Lotus Notes

I have just completed what initially sounded like a fairly straight-forward project – install Exchange 2007 and migrate 35 mailboxes from Lotus Notes. The migration would be one-shot – so no need for a coexistance phase. Such a small migration didn’t seem to warrant the purchase of Quest or Transend – and besides, the Microsoft recommendation is
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Archiving Exchange 2007 mailboxes

A truly effective IdM system should be able to tidy up user data as part of the user-decommissioning process. This might include zipping up home folders and, in the case of email, archiving mailboxes to something like a PST file. My old method of archiving mailboxes with Exmerge when disabling Exchange users won’t work with
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