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Is Identity Management about cutting staff?

I was kind of shocked recently to hear about an organisation that had assumed implementing FIM would lead directly to cutting Service Desk positions. Over the years I’ve delivered a good number of successful IdM solutions that have taken all sorts of tedious, error-prone tasks out of people’s hands… but I don’t think any of
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Is the wide adoption of self-service still a long way off?

I’ve been thinking about self-service lately. The FIM Portal is clearly designed with a strong focus on self-service and the permission-granting and flow of the approval workflows work a lot more seamlessly when people are requesting something for themselves. I wonder though – how many people are actually using it like this?

Simplify Complexity

The title of this post is in tribute to LANexpert, where I have been a consultant for the last four years. It’s been a great time but today I bid my LANexpert collegues a fond farewell before moving back home to Australia. “Simplify Complexity” is LANexpert’s motto and I’ve always loved it. Overly-complex IT systems
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The unfinished furniture store

I was entertained by this comment in Jackson’s summary post about Neil MacDonald’s session at the Gartner Summit : Gartner’s position is that FIM 2010 is not a complete solution. It can be extended, and by 3rd party partners like Quest but it’s like going to the unfinished furniture store. It’s not a bad analogy –
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The need for unique identifiers

Identity management is made a heck of a lot easier if you have a fool-proof way of identifying someone – no wonder governments are so keen on the idea of identity cards. I make no claim either way on the id cards, but I will say that unique identifiers make ILM/MIIS system so much easier to run
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