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Generating Reference attributes from String data

Once upon a time we used to be able to write Advanced Flow Rules for reference attributes. Admittedly this sometimes led to horribly inefficient code, but it was useful – particluarly when paired with FindMVEntries to lookup and then reference an existing Metaverse object. With FIM we lost this capability, and Microsoft claim we were
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A Basic Requests Reporting Method

There were a few FIM reporting sessions at TEC, none of which I managed to make it to, though I hope the presenters will be making their solutions generally available as they are undoubtably more correct and complete than what I’ve been doing. However a couple of people did ask that I post my method
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Error 25009 installing FIM Sync Update 241774

While trying to install update 241774 I got “Error 25009: The Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service setup wizard cannot configure the specified database. Windows NT user or group ‘mydomain\fimsync-service-account‘ not found. Check the name again.”