Category: VB.NET

Password Sync from AD to BPOS

The FIM Sync Service allows passwords to be synchronised from a source AD account to the user’s accounts in other systems. The sync is done at the point of password change and relies on the Password Change Notification Service, which you must install on your domain controllers. Many target systems are supported OOB, but for BPOS you
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XML Lookup file

On my first ever MIIS project we were an OCG customer so were able to use their nice XML library. I can’t remember in great detail what it did, but I’ve always considered the concept a best practise: if there’s anything that you find yourself hard-coding as a constant value in extension code, then you
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Powershell Activity

I have been working on a FIM 2010 workflow activity that will run powershell cmdlets and scripts, and I’m now ready to share the code with you lucky people. The activity should work with both local and remote powershell, bearing in mind the various limitiations that seem to occur when running remote powershell commands through
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