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Script: Compare-ADGroups.ps1

I recently wanted to do some analysis of existing groups in a well established AD that has a lot of groups (more groups than users in fact). I was hoping to find groups that looked like good candidates for conversion to role-based (aka criteria-based) groups.

Powershell script to generate test users in AD

I needed to set up a test AD with realistic looking test users. This script by Alex Tcherniakhovski was the type of thing I wanted as it starts with lists of OUs, first names and last names and then creates accounts across all OUs listed, and using a random selection of names. However Alex’s script
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Renaming a 2003 AD domain that has Exchange 2007

Here’s an unpleasant little fact you only find out if you need to: while you could rename a domain that hosted Exchange 2003, this functionality has been removed with Exchange 2007. Hmm. So what if you need to? Well a customer is insisting that it must be done, so I’ve had to do some investigations.

AD Group members

This is a repost of an article which was originally about multivalue attributes in general, but with a focus on group members. I realised I had made some generalisations about multivalue attributes which actually specifically apply only to attributes like member, which contain reference DN values. So I am now re-releasing the post, with a
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Configuration of the Active Directory MA

I’ve already posted about the configuration options that are common to all MAs, so this post is about the options specific to the Active Directory MA, though much of it will also apply to the other LDAP-types – Sun and Netscape, Netware, ADAM, IBM Directory Server and openLDAP.