A Stylesheet for the Import and Export Logs

Follwing on from yesterday’s post, where I wrote about hanging on to your import and export logs, I now present a way to view them using an xml stylesheet.

The first problem with this approach is that the xml files produced by MIIS don’t work with a stylesheet. The stylesheet name must be included in the xml file, and I also found I needed to remove and change a few tags to get it working (probably just due to my inexperience – this is the first xml stylesheet I’ve written).

Yesterday I posted a script to be run directly after any Import or Export job, which copies the log file to a datestamped version. It is a straight-forward matter to improve this script so that, instead of a file copy, it modifies the datestamped log to allow it to work with my stylesheet.

Follow this link for the full ArchiveLog sub.

Next take a copy of this log.xsl stylesheet and put it in your Ma Data folder.

The result should be that you can view the xml data in a browser in a nicely formatted way. At this point I had hoped to include a screenshot, but I’m having some trouble with my virtual server this morning, so you’ll just have to try it yourself!