Adding Exchange 2007 mailboxes to existing users

A while back I proposed  a powershell XMA approach to the problem of adding Exchange 2007 mailboxes to existing AD users. This was because my old method of adding an Exchange 2003 mailbox by populating a couple of extra attributes did not seem to work with Exchange 2007.

However, in  a recent thread on the Technet forum, Michael D’Angelo listed all the attributes that he has found are needed for an Exchange 2007 mailbox. I eventually managed to test this myself in a lab and, surprisingly, it now seems to be working perfectly – and in fact I only needed to populate the same attributes as for Exchange 2003. These are:


I was using Exchange 2007 rollup 9 in the lab. Not sure if anything has changed with the rollups to make it work now.

Note: this post was modified on the 24/7/09 as I prefer the posts to represent what I think is correct now instead of what I thought was correct at the time.