Busy year

I’ve really been neglecting this blog this year. After averaging two posts a month over the previous 8 years of this blog (yes it really has been that long – started May 2007), 2015 just hasn’t been much of a blogging year so far.

Partly that’s because of the FIM Team User Group – with a monthly forum now to chat to and share presentations with FIM colleagues from around the world my need to reach out is being quite nicely satisfied. And the other reason is I’m just so busy.

Which is, of course, a good thing to be – and a sure sign that identity-related skills and experience are being sought after more than ever as organisations finally face the fact that years and years of by-hand, inconsistent and poorly managed access policies are impacting security, productivity and the ability to rapidly adopt new applications and technologies.

One funny thing about working as an IAM specialist is how far most of the organisations I see really are from adopting all the cloud, federation and mobility stuff we all like to talk about so much. They haven’t got further than the simplest steps towards user account and access automation; their identity data is still a mess; they don’t know who all their users are…. we’ve had technology and approaches to deal with this for 15 years – what’s taking so long? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – identity data governance is the strong foundation you need to adopt cloud and mobility technologies – without it you really are building the house on sand.

I’ll try to get some more posts out in the second half of this year – but with so much IAM work to be done, we’ll just have to see.

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