Joining on the Metaverse GUID

Just a quick note on this as it’s something that wasn’t immediately obvious to me.

I was using the Metaverse GUID as an anchor for provisioning to a simple SQL MA like so:

csentry("mvguid").StringValue = mventry.ObjectID.ToString

However when I tried to do a direct join rule on csentry:mvguid = mventry:<object-id> I got the error cannot-parse-object-id.

In fact the operation above had removed the brackets from the Guid string and I had to add them back in using an Advanced Join Rule:

values.Add("{" & csentry("mvguid").StringValue & "}")

Of course the other way would have been to add the brackets back in when setting the mvguid value on the csentry in the first place, but I’d already provisioned quite a few objects. I’ll do it like that next time.