MIIS Glossary

This glossary is a work in progress – I’m just adding terms as I use them in posts.

CDS Connected Data Source. See definition for “connected directory”.
connected directory Any system that is connected to MIIS for the purposes of Identity Management. It may be an actual directory, such as AD or LDAP, but it also may be a database table, a text file, or one of the other supported applications.
Connector Space The copy MIIS makes of the objects it has imported from the connected directory. This copy will be limited by which parts of the directory MIIS has access to, and which attributes it is allowed to see.
metaverse The central repository of MIIS, containing a representation of all objects with their attribute values, which may have flowed in from multiple management agents.
MVExtension The code that runs whenever metaverse objects change, and includes the stesp for creating and deleting objects in the Connector Spaces. also called “provisioning code”.
provisioning The creation of new objects in a connected directory.
provisioning code The code that handles creation and deletion of connector space objects. Also often referred to as the MVExtension.