So will you need to “learn Sharepoint” for FIM?

One of the questions I was asked at my demo yesterday was “how much will I need to learn about Sharepoint to run FIM?” – which is a fair enough question, considering the emphasis on the Portal and the Sharepoint aspects.

After a moment’s reflection my answer was “well… none really”. So far, with ILM “2”, I haven’t felt I needed to know anything much about Sharepoint, apart from how to navigate around the Portal – something anyone with a few mouse skills could do. Changing the layout of the default forms is very easy as well – all it takes is a bit of basic XML.

As I said to this chap yesterday, the hardest thing I found was when I tried to have a go at developing my own workflow element – now that was hard! But as I was co-presenting with my lovely collegue from our sister company, specialists in Sharepoint and development, I was able to point to him and say “but you can always get an expert to develop them for you!” 🙂