The next FIM Team User Group is about a truly exciting topic….

Documentation! Aren’t you thrilled!?!??

Ah documentation – don’t we love it. Yes you made a great solution here – can you now produce 7063 pages of documentation so that regular plebs can understand/operate/modify/break it correctly? Thanks.

Now I can’t take all of the pain of it away for you, and I certainly can’t take away the requirement for you to be able to explain your design and operation guidelines clearly – but I can offer some help on “As-Built” documentation.

At the next FIM Team User Group meeting you’re going to get two different (but complimentary) scripts that will generate FIM Portal documentation for you.

  • Henry Schleichardt is going to share his approach to a visual representation of Portal policy using Visio, and
  • I am going to share my script for generating a Word document including schema, policy, UI components, and other custom objects.

Make sure you’re on the mailing list to get an invite to the Lync meeting (and let us know if you haven’t received an invitation a couple of days before the meeting – the email address is on the User Group page).

Watch the meeting recording

Get the scripts: Visio Representations of Portal Policy, Automatic Word Documentation

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