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Requests freezing on PostProcessing and Validated

I’ve had a head scratcher in the last week. A Dev environment, everything thought to be working perfectly according to the tests we’d done so far, which had just involved a few identities at a time. But then we tried to do some bulk tests, registering 300 people at once, and things did not go well. It would get through 20 or 30 of them and then the requests queue just seemed to freeze. The Portal was still responsive but the number of requests sitting in PostProcessing and Validated status did not change, even when left overnight.

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Finding Connector Space objects with a Manager when the Metaverse object has none

I was asked to evaluate the impact of ticking “Allow Nulls” on the AD export flow for ‘manager’ when it was realised that some people had a manager set in AD, while in FIM they had none.

This can be a hard change to test in Dev or Test environments which don’t have the full set of production data. However if you make the change in Production you may well find yourself with a lot of undesired exports queued. So before doing anything I wanted to get an idea about how many people have a manager set in AD, but none in the Metaverse.

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FIM Event Broker – why wouldn’t you buy it?

I love FIM Event Broker, and that’s not just because I work for the company that wrote it. No, it’s because it’s such an incredibly usable, powerful and downright quality product designed to make FIM scheduling and event-driven processing a simple reality, and I find I just can’t do without it any more. It’s kind of like going back to hand-washing dishes after having a dishwasher <<shudder>>.

And what’s more we’re practically giving it away – it costs less than an average day’s consulting fee!

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FIM Documentation Scripts

Another great User Group session this morning, all about automated documentation for FIM Portal policy. The links to watch the recording and/or download the scripts are on this page here:

“Unable to to process your request” when trying to approve in the FIM Portal – Part 2

A long time after writing an earlier blog post on this error, I’ve seen it again. You try to approve in the Portal, and right after clicking Sumbit you get the dreaded FIM “Unable to process” error page

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Duplicate a Synchronization Rule

A long time ago I shared a script that duplicates a FIM Portal object. At the time a couple of people asked if it would duplicate a Sync Rule, which it didn’t.

After having avoided Sync Rules as long as possible I’m now working on a site where they were already implemented and I’m extending on them. I needed to duplicate one for a new MA and I found that, while I had trouble copying the whole object, just copying the flow rules seemed to work fine. So I’ve added a new script Duplicate-SRFlows.ps1 which will copy flow rules from one Sync Rule to another.

The next FIM Team User Group is about a truly exciting topic….

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Installing FIM R2 Reporting against Sytem Center 2012 R2 and SQL 2012

I’ve just installed FIM R2 reporting in an environment that had an existing System Center Data Warehouse infrastructure based on SC 2012 R2 and SQL 2012. I had a couple of problems along the way so here are the troubleshooting notes.

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Transitional TransitionIn Sets

I’ve been struggling lately with poor SQL performance in a Test environment and I’m pretty sure that has been causing an intermittent problem with objects not transitioning in to Sets and Groups straight away. They all get sorted out when the FIMTemporalEvents job runs overnight – but that’s not very comforting to the testers who are expecting immediate results.

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The meaning of “today” in a Temporal Set filter

I’ve been confusing myself no end with temporal set rules and I’ve finally figured out it’s because I thought “today” meant what it sounds like – whereas in fact it means “now”.

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