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Busy year

I’ve really been neglecting this blog this year. After averaging two posts a month over the previous 8 years of this blog (yes it really has been that long – started May 2007), 2015 just hasn’t been much of a blogging year so far.

Partly that’s because of the FIM Team User Group – with a monthly forum now to chat to and share presentations with FIM colleagues from around the world my need to reach out is being quite nicely satisfied. And the other reason is I’m just so busy.

Which is, of course, a good thing to be – and a sure sign that identity-related skills and experience are being sought after more than ever as organisations finally face the fact that years and years of by-hand, inconsistent and poorly managed access policies are impacting security, productivity and the ability to rapidly adopt new applications and technologies.

One funny thing about working as an IAM specialist is how far most of the organisations I see really are from adopting all the cloud, federation and mobility stuff we all like to talk about so much. They haven’t got further than the simplest steps towards user account and access automation; their identity data is still a mess; they don’t know who all their users are…. we’ve had technology and approaches to deal with this for 15 years – what’s taking so long? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – identity data governance is the strong foundation you need to adopt cloud and mobility technologies – without it you really are building the house on sand.

I’ll try to get some more posts out in the second half of this year – but with so much IAM work to be done, we’ll just have to see.

Things you can learn about IdM projects from watching The Imitation Game

I just saw The Imitation Game and, while mostly I was absorbed in the story and particularly Benedict Cumerbatch’s convincing performance, I did recognise some themes from Identity Management projects I’ve worked on.

Note there may well be spoilers in this post – I think the Turing/Enigma story is pretty well known anyway, and the film has opened in Australia later than other countries so a lot of people will have seen it already – but if you’d rather see the movie without reading anything about it, you have been warned.

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Data Quality Script for the FIM Service

Today I presented a session called “all about data” at the FIM Team User Group meeting. One of the goodies I shared was my Data Quality script. The point of this script is to run against the FIM Service on a regular basis and look for anomalies that can be easily fixed – for example a Person object belongs to a particular set, and this means that they should have a particular setting, but for some reason they don’t, so let’s fix it. Continue reading ›

New Documentation Script versions

I’ve shared the new version of the documentation scripts here:

The best new feature is in Document_SyncConfig.ps1 which now includes an end-to-end attribute flow map based around Metaverse object/attribute – so showing all IAFs and EAFs going via each Metaverse attribute.

Is Identity Management about cutting staff?

I was kind of shocked recently to hear about an organisation that had assumed implementing FIM would lead directly to cutting Service Desk positions. Over the years I’ve delivered a good number of successful IdM solutions that have taken all sorts of tedious, error-prone tasks out of people’s hands… but I don’t think any of them have led to actual job cuts – and I would have been astounded if people thought they would. Continue reading ›

“AttributeNameViolatesSchema” FIM MA export error

I’ve just been troubleshooting sporadic export errors through the FIM MA in a Test environment. The export would fail a couple of times in a row with a failed-modification-via-web-services or failed-creation-via-web-services and the detailed error said something about “AttributeNameViolatesSchema”. Eventually the export would succeed all on its own, without anything else changing. Continue reading ›

Word 2013 deleting pictures – “The linked image cannot be displayed”

Off-topic for this blog, but this one had been frustrating me for a while, and various attempts to google solutions turned up nothing helpful. Continue reading ›

Requests logging, Sync logging

Listening to Andy van den Biggelaar’s FIM Team User Group session on Reporting this week reminded me that I haven’t shared the latest versions of my Requests and Approvals archiving scripts, and I also haven’t shared the scripts I now use to log Sync runs and convert import and export log files to CSV, ready for upload to SQL (or something else, like SPLUNK, if that’s more your thing).

So here they are.

Thanks to Unify for supporting both the sharing of scripts developed on their time via the FIM Team Community Scripts site, and even more so for supporting the FIM Team User Group which, I only realised after the session was done, is already one year old!!

Documentation Script for the Sync Service

I’ve uploaded a Sync Service auto-documentation script to the FIM Team Scripts site, to go with the Portal one I shared a couple of months back. You can get them both here:


Requests freezing on PostProcessing and Validated

I’ve had a head scratcher in the last week. A Dev environment, everything thought to be working perfectly according to the tests we’d done so far, which had just involved a few identities at a time. But then we tried to do some bulk tests, registering 300 people at once, and things did not go well. It would get through 20 or 30 of them and then the requests queue just seemed to freeze. The Portal was still responsive but the number of requests sitting in PostProcessing and Validated status did not change, even when left overnight.

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