Category: ILM 2007

Joining on the Metaverse GUID

Just a quick note on this as it’s something that wasn’t immediately obvious to me. I was using the Metaverse GUID as an anchor for provisioning to a simple SQL MA like so: csentry("mvguid").StringValue = mventry.ObjectID.ToString However when I tried to do a direct join rule on csentry:mvguid = mventry:<object-id> I got the error cannot-parse-object-id. In
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XML Lookup file

On my first ever MIIS project we were an OCG customer so were able to use their nice XML library. I can’t remember in great detail what it did, but I’ve always considered the concept a best practise: if there’s anything that you find yourself hard-coding as a constant value in extension code, then you
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Phase One Joins and Data Matching

I’ve just posted a new Greatest Hits article on the ILM forum on the subject of how ILM (or the FIM Sync Service) can be used to clean up the mess of existing accounts, before you can actually get  on to the more interesting tasks of provisioning and updating. With the way FIM codeless sync works,
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