A summary post

As I mentioned recently, this is a quiet time for the blog as I’ve been travelling around with the family, and we still have a couple more weeks of living out of suitcases to do. But I do have some free time today, so I thought it was high time for a highlights list of posts so-far.

Some general MIIS tips:

Keep Provisioning Logic out of the Provisioning Code
Monitoring MIIS
Keep That Run History Under Control!
Replicating MIIS To Another Server
The Art of Scheduling
Metaverse Design and Attribute Names

Some posts relating to SQL MAs:

Who needs Group Populator when you have Multivalue tables?
How to make SQL Delta tables
Combining DTS with MIIS Imports

Exchange specific:

Adding Exchange Mailboxes to Existing Accounts
Archiving Exchange Mailboxes with Exmerge


Creating an Extensible MA
A Stylesheet for the Import and Export Logs
Introducing MiisApp (or how to write your own MIIS client app)

There’s probably more I could list, but that shouldn’t be a bad starting point.