FIM Best Practices

In a couple of days I’ll be off to TechEd New Zealand with TechEd Australia the following week. At each I am delivering two sessions on FIM Best Practices – and even with two sessions to fill there was a lot more I could have said! So watch out for a new blog series starting…

New FIM Blog

In my recent TEC roundup post I mentioned Eihab Isaac who knocked all our socks off with his clever FIM Portal UI work. I’m so thrilled that Eihab has now started a blog, all the better to share some of his cleverness with the rest of us! Welcome to the world of blogging Eihab, and…

Annual blag post

I’ve received word that I have been awarded the MVP for 2012. I never take this for granted and it always makes me very happy to receive this acknowledgement, so thank you Microsoft and the FIM PG!

200th Post!

Today’s post is my 200th. As my 100th post slipped by without me noticing I’m going to give myself a self-indulgent look back over the history of missmiis to celebrate this milestone.

Minimalist Office 365 with ADFS sandbox

It’s kind of killing my laptop, but I have managed to get my virtual lab environment working with ADFS to an Office 365 trial. I think I’ve probably got the bare minimum config going on here, so for reference, here’s what I had to do.

What’s in a name?

I’ve had a few people ask if I’m renaming my blog, and was canvassing FIMFatale at TEC to general approval – however I’ve decided to stick with miss miis. Conrad Bayer told us in his keynote that FIM (or was it just FIM sync?) has been moved to the AD group – so I imagine…