Link to the SSPR Unlock page from the Edit User RCDC

The “Unlock User” page in the FIM/MIM Portal is entirely seperate from the main User management page – which is not especially user-friendly. This post shows a way you can add a personalised link to the User Edit page which, when clicked, takes the operator straight to the correct User Unlock page.

Tracking down a duplicate ObjectSid

Most people who work with FIM will be familiar with the “Value Violates Uniquess” errors when you try to export an object through the FIM MA that conflicts with an existing object on an attribute that has enforced uniqueness in the FIM Service. If the duplicate is on a string attribute like AccountName then it’s…

Data Quality Script for the FIM Service

Today I presented a session called “all about data” at the FIM Team User Group meeting. One of the goodies I shared was my Data Quality script. The point of this script is to run against the FIM Service on a regular basis and look for anomalies that can be easily fixed – for example…

New Documentation Script versions

I’ve shared the new version of the documentation scripts here: The best new feature is in Document_SyncConfig.ps1 which now includes an end-to-end attribute flow map based around Metaverse object/attribute – so showing all IAFs and EAFs going via each Metaverse attribute.

“AttributeNameViolatesSchema” FIM MA export error

I’ve just been troubleshooting sporadic export errors through the FIM MA in a Test environment. The export would fail a couple of times in a row with a failed-modification-via-web-services or failed-creation-via-web-services and the detailed error said something about “AttributeNameViolatesSchema”. Eventually the export would succeed all on its own, without anything else changing.

Requests logging, Sync logging

Listening to Andy van den Biggelaar’s FIM Team User Group session on Reporting this week reminded me that I haven’t shared the latest versions of my Requests and Approvals archiving scripts, and I also haven’t shared the scripts I now use to log Sync runs and convert import and export log files to CSV, ready for…

Requests freezing on PostProcessing and Validated

I’ve had a head scratcher in the last week. A Dev environment, everything thought to be working perfectly according to the tests we’d done so far, which had just involved a few identities at a time. But then we tried to do some bulk tests, registering 300 people at once, and things did not go…