New Documentation Script versions

I’ve shared the new version of the documentation scripts here: The best new feature is in Document_SyncConfig.ps1 which now includes an end-to-end attribute flow map based around Metaverse object/attribute – so showing all IAFs and EAFs going via each Metaverse attribute.

FIM Event Broker – why wouldn’t you buy it?

I love FIM Event Broker, and that’s not just because I work for the company that wrote it. No, it’s because it’s such an incredibly usable, powerful and downright quality product designed to make FIM scheduling and event-driven processing a simple reality, and I find I just can’t do without it any more. It’s kind…

Event Broker – more than just scheduling

The company I work for, Unify Solutions, has a product called Event Broker which I’ve blogged about before. However I was still pretty new to it then and treating it as a straight replacement for scheduling scripts. Now I’m starting to use it properly I can see there’s a lot more to it.