Event Broker – more than just scheduling

The company I work for, Unify Solutions, has a product called Event Broker which I’ve blogged about├é┬ábefore. However I was still pretty new to it then and treating it as a straight replacement for scheduling scripts. Now I’m starting to use it properly I can see there’s a lot more to it.

The key premise of Event Broker is that it should be used in an event-driven way. So rather than running sync cycles every x minutes, we run regular checks to see if anything needs to be imported or exported, and only trigger FIM run profiles as needed. In this way we can start to make FIM very responsive to changes in the connected systems, while at the same time reducing the overhead caused by running a lot of unnecessary sync tasks. 

Of course we have the flexibility to do things both ways – so run some operations in an event driven way, while others run on a├é┬á straight schedule – such as running Imports on a schedule, but running Exports as soon as any are queued.├é┬áWe can also├é┬ádo things like prioritising├é┬ácertain Portal operations so they trigger an immediate sync, while others just want for the next scheduled Delta Import. It’s pretty neat!

If you want to know more about Event Broker then I recommend watching this presentation and demonstration.

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