I’m starting a FIM User Group – and you’re all invited!

I’m really excited to be posting this today: With the enthusiastic support of my employer Unify Solutions, myself and some of my FIM Team colleagues are starting an online FIM User Group, and you’re all invited to join! The User Group will take the form of a once monthly web conference, hosted on Lync Online, and I’m expecting lots of interesting discussions and presentations about all things FIM.

One of the reasons I’m really keen to do this is that I miss TEC. It was such a great opportunity to catch up with what other FIM experts were doing and I want that back in my life. So please get in touch if you want to join the group, and also let me know if you have ideas for anything you’d like to demonstrate or present yourself, or any discussion topics you’d like to have included on the agenda.

Head over to this page for more information, and send an email to the address you’ll find there.

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