200th Post!

Today’s post is my 200th. As my 100th post slipped by without me noticing I’m going to give myself a self-indulgent look back over the history of missmiis to celebrate this milestone.

My first post was on the 18th of May 2007. I’d been working with MIIS for about two years and found it both heavy going and completely absorbing – in fact I was obsessed! I was also on the verge of a big move: London to Geneva via 3 months in Australia. I started the blog as a memory-aid for myself, as something that might help my employment prospects in Geneva, and of course with the thought that it might help out others, just as I have always found great tips and explanations on other people’s blogs.

So, 4½ years in, what can I say about missmiis?


  • I’ve stuck to my original intention of posting only what I’ve actually done myself – with any theorising or speculation noted clearly,
  • I also try to post only what can’t easily be found elsewhere – at least, I couldn’t find it.
  • If someone else’s blog post or forum entry has helped me I acknowledge and link it.

Reader Stats

My stats don’t go back to the very beginning, but I definitely can say readership has climbed steadily, except for the year following the Great ILM2 Delay. You can see pretty clearly when that was from looking at my stats!

Posts of Note

  • A GALSync powershell script because it is far and above my most popular posting ever.
  • Powershell Activity because, while no great piece of code, it represents when I finally understood how to develop a custom activity – the usual minimalist MS documentation having left me mostly in the dark.
  • ILM 2 release date put back – A WHOLE YEAR! This was the post where, without realising it, I “broke” the news on the internet. This was actually my most-read post for quite some time, especially considering the readership dive that followed.
  • Exchange 2007 Cross-Forest Migration Up until about 18 months ago I was still working as an Exchange, as well as FIM, consultant. There just wasn’t enough FIM work to keep me fully occupied (there is now!) This is my most-read Exchange post.

What this blog has given me

  • A convenient place to put stuff so I know where to find it,
  • Speaking opportunites, starting with TechDays Geneva 2008 where I presented ILM 2007,
  • Three MVP awards,
  • The chance to meet some great people, and
  • A job!

And why is the blog still named after an eight year old product?

No reason I should rename my blog every time Microsoft rename their product.

However, even if I don’t use it, I have permanent dibs on FIM fatale.

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  1. Congrats Carol, impressive stats! Your blog consistently turns up when I’m hunting for answers, and I ask some pretty freaky questions. While I’m a fan of FIM fatale, I proudly wore my MMS 2003 shirt to the PowerShell Deep Dive at TEC 2011 in Frankfurt. Admittedly, I might stuggle to make that old shirt fit but my belly hasn’t grown nearly as much as the ‘MMS’ architecture diagram over the years, so I win 😉

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