FIM Portal demo – using FIM to manage BPOS/Office 365

Regular readers of this blog will know that, a few months ago, I made a big move from Europe back to my native Australia. All our stuff finally turned up a couple of weeks ago, and while looking for something else on a harddrive I came across this recording I made which demonstrates part of the FIM-BPOS solution I worked on in Switzerland.

I made this recording as an emergency backup for a session I gave at TEC, in case of laptop implosion or other unforseen disaster. So it’s not particularly professional and in fact a bit rubbish in places (there must have been some “zoom to mouse” setting so I’m afraid there’s a couple of nice long shots of the corner of the screen), however I’ve decided to share it as an example of some of the useful things you can do with the FIM Portal.

Note also that the demo shows my lab environment, but much the same configuration is currently running in a production environment with over 20,000 user objects being managed, and from what I hear, still going strong several months after I left that part of the world.

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2 Replies to “FIM Portal demo – using FIM to manage BPOS/Office 365”

  1. Dear Miss MIIS/ILM/FIM 🙂

    When using FIM 2010 / FIM 2010 R2 and Office 365 is the O365 DirSync server still required or is does the O365 MA running on FIM make it redundent and thus eliminate the need for it?


  2. Is there an O365 MA now? If so you could use FIM, but I haven’t heard of one being released, in which case you still need dirsync.

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