TechDays 2009 Geneva

If anyone is in the Geneva area, and has not yet registered for TechDays, I believe there are still some places available: I will be presenting a session on ILM “2” of course.

TechDays08 Geneva – I’m presenting!

More a blag than a blog today – I’m very happy to have been asked to present a session on ILM at the TechDays event in Geneva this March.  Do come and say hello if you happen to be there too.

DEC 2007 and ILM

I’m just back from the DEC 2007 conference in Brussels. Unfortunately I had to miss the last day, which is a pity as there were some good SQL-related talks on the schedule, but I did get to go to all the ILM talks, as well as picking up a few MIIS pointers, and (most importantly)…

I’m going to the European DEC2007!

Thanks to Tomek for letting me know about the DEC2007 conference in Brussels this September. I am now signed up and am geekishly excited about the prospect of spending three days surrounded by fellow MIIS enthustiasts! I am obviously very far gone. I’m also looking forward to being back in Brussels where I lived for three…