A GALSync powershell script

Here is a script I wrote to do a simple GAL synchronization between two Exchange organizations. The script finds the mail-enabled  users in one domain, and creates contacts for them in the other domain. Existing contacts will also be updated and deleted as needed.

Managing Exchange 2000/2003/2007 with ILM 2007

I have just posted this article in the Greatest Hits series on the ILM Technet forum. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/identitylifecyclemanager/thread/f8ad045d-7252-4cd1-a189-d704a8f99129 The article covers various management tasks you can acheive with the standard AD MA, including provisioning and updating of users, mailboxes, contacts and distribution groups. There are quite a few code samples as well.

Archiving Exchange Mailboxes with Exmerge

This method has now been updated for Exchange 2007. Yesterday I posted about archiving home directories by zipping them with an extensible MA, and today I’m going to write about doing something similar with Exchange mailboxes. Exchange mailboxes are most usefully archived to PST files, and the only way I found to automate it was…

Adding Exchange 2003 Mailboxes to Existing Accounts

Here’s another trick that is really very simple, but, for reasons I can’t figure out, difficult to find out about. Despite what the documentation seems to say (and despite what I have read MS employees categorically stating), you CAN add an Exchange mailbox to an account that already exists in AD. Bundled with MIIS are…