Error 0x8023060c when trying to delete a MA

I was trying to delete a CSV MA from a MIM sync service. The connector space was empty but all I got was the error “Unable to delete the management agent” and the code 0x8023060c. Nothing in the event logs at all.

I was convinced it was something to do with the database and rolled it back a couple of days – no change. I finally decided to start over with a fresh install, re-migrate the config and re-load the data. It was while cleaning up the MaData folder I found my stupid mistake – in another logon session I had the CSV file in the MA’s MaData folder open, so MIM couldn’t rename the folder as part of deleting the MA!

Pretty dumb mistake – but a “File locked” error message somewhere would have really helped.

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  1. Ha-ha. …no that wasn’t funny Carol. It actually happened to me. But I have had other things happen to me from an open csv file in the ma data so it’s always my first check with flat file ma

  2. Indeed – and it would have in this case and I wouldn’t have been any the wiser!

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