Modifying the FIM Portal Schema from a CSV

I recently had a lot of attributes to add to the FIM Portal. In an effort to meet a demonstration deadline I broke the normal rules of play and added them simultaneously to the Dev and Prod Portals. I still don’t understand why, but the next day when I came back both portals were broken. I was adding attributes through the GUI so really there shouldn’t have been any problems. The only unusual thing I could think of was I hadn’t completed binding all the attributes – though why this should break things I don’t know.

Some time ago I had started working on a script to replicate schema changes from the Sync Metaverse to the Portal. I abandonned the script because I found I had to export the portal schema so many times that the process was too slow. But after this experience I decided to dig it out again and see if I could modify it to work from a CSV file.

I’m pleased to report that the script worked very well. I added 24 attributes, and then the 24 bindings, and a couple of days later everything is still fine.

I’ve uploaded the script to the FIM Scriptbox and you can get it here.

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  1. Would you still have a copy of this script available? It could prove very handy but doesn’t appear available at the Scriptbox link. Thanks.

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