TEC 2012 – I’m speaking!

Once again I’ll be off to TEC US this year, though this time travelling from Australia, and this time in the company of my collegue Bob Bradley.

I’m presenting a session on MIIS/ILM migration to FIM. Not the sexiest topic I admit, but certainly one with the potential to be far knottier than you may have bargained for.

Then Bob and I will be presenting our revolutionary “Replay MA”. Based on a brilliantly simple idea of Bob’s, this concept overcomes some of the restrictions of the FIM MA without breaking any rules or doing anything unsupported.

Bob will also present a second session on keeping data in the Portal ship shape, with his whimsically titled FIM Fairy.

Should be a great conference as ever! If you’ve never been and can get yourself to San Diego the first week in May then sign up here.