The ILM_Scheduler is now available for download

As promised, I am now making my ILM_Scheduler service source code available for download.

In brief, the notion is to optimise ILM/MIIS scheduling through the use of a queue. You add jobs to the queue and they are executed, one at a time, and in order of priority. You can schedule a job by adding it to the queue at a particular time, or you could have other processes (database triggers, other applications) that add jobs to the queue as and when needed.

Please be aware that this is not a ready-made system – you will have to create your own VB project and compile the service. You may also need to make changes to suit your environment, but hopefully this code will provide a good starting point.

You will also find a few vbscripts to assist with adding jobs to the queue and checking the queue.

Download here

4 Replies to “The ILM_Scheduler is now available for download”

  1. I know I will get it to work: but it needs the SDK installed on the machine you’re developing on in order to pick up the Microsoft.SQLServer.DTS.Runtime namespace… (which is a whole new challenge in my virtual machine!)

  2. It was developed for ILM 2007 and I haven’t used it since so probably not surprising. Have you had a look at Event Broker? It is something that has to be paid for but it’s nice and easy to use.

  3. I looked, and there’s no way I can get anyone to pay for Event Broker.

    The SDK eventually installed – after some futzing with various .iso files, and then the VB compiled, which is hopeful.

  4. I needed to add a bit more in to get it to install properly: I used the code here, otherwise the Installer didn’t know to install. Again, I suspect this is something to do with my virtual environment. However, it installed with this snippet, and appeared as a Windows Service. Putting the link here so that it appears for anyone else….

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