Upgrade to R2

I upgraded a Dev server to R2 today. It seems to have gone ok though I have yet to test all the components. Here’s some quick observations:

  1. I had the MSDN version of the Sync Service so I had to do the uninstall-reinstall method. No biggie at all.
  2. When enabling SQL Broker as described here it really helps if you stop the FIM Service first! I wondered why the command never finished – and that was why.
  3. I initially tried an in-place upgrade of the Service and Portal. The installation completed but then I couldn’t get into the Portal – Kerberos and middle-tier errors. I tried upgrading WSS 3.0 to Sharepoint Foundation 2010 to see if that would help – it did’t.
  4. So I uninstalled the FIM Service and uninstalled Sharepoint (including removing the WID as described here).
  5. Then I installed Sharepoint Foundation and installed the FIM Service using the existing database. And I could log straight in and everything appears to be there.

I still have to run through all the hundreds of test cases for this environment (unlikely to take the “30 minutes” proposed on the upgrade checklist) to be sure if it’s all worked – but so far it has been pretty painless.

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