Using Export-FIMConfig to search with multiple filters

I was trying to update a script so it could resolve references to various resource types. I’d seen in the help that you can do this:

Export-FIMConfig -customConfig ("/ConstosoCustomResource", "/Group")

So in my script I spent ages trying to construct a string like “(“/ConstosoCustomResource”, “/Group”)” and then wondering why it wouldn’t work.

The answer was right there in the help all along – the customConfig parameter takes a string array as argument. D’uh!

So here’s my function which returns the ObjectID based on DisplayName, where the object may be any of the types defined in $RefObjectTypes.


$RefObjecTypes = @('Person','Role','CostCentre')

Function ObjectReference
    $filter = @()
    foreach ($ObjectType in $RefObjecTypes)
        $filter = $filter + "/$ObjectType[DisplayName = '$DisplayName']"

    $FIMObject = Export-FIMConfig -customConfig ($filter) -OnlyBaseResources

    if ($FIMObject -eq $null)
        write-host "No match found for referenced object $DisplayName"
    elseif ($FIMObject.Count -eq $null)
        write-host "Multiple matches found for referenced object $DisplayName"

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  1. Two other ways to get ‘unions’ of objects:

    (1) Use the ‘|’ operator as follows:
    /Person[AccountName=’a_name’] | /SomeObject[SomeAttribute=’b_value’]

    (2) Use the ‘or’ method:
    /*[(ObjectType=Group and DisplayName=’some group name’) or
    (ObjectType – Person and some_Person_attribute = some_value)]

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