Transitional TransitionIn Sets

I’ve been struggling lately with poor SQL performance in a Test environment and I’m pretty sure that has been causing an intermittent problem with objects not transitioning in to Sets and Groups straight away. They all get sorted out when the FIMTemporalEvents job runs overnight – but that’s not very comforting to the testers who…

Attribute not appearing in Set or Advanced search filter

I noticed that I couldn’t use a particular attribute in search or set filters. While this can be caused by filter validation I always disable those MPRs (“General workflow: Filter attribute validation for administrator” and “General workflow: Filter attribute validation for non-administrators”) so that never causes me a problem. In this case it turned out…

Authorization after an Action

Something that has come up from time to time on the FIM forum is the need to trigger an AuthZ workflow based on some change made by an Action workflow (or by the Sync Service). This is not possible in the FIM Service today and I don’t see any evidence that it will be possible in the…

Temporaly tripped up

The other day I was helping a colleague with a workflow that wasn’t working. He had a number of “Set Transition” MPRs that were behaving as expected – except for one. Eventually the penny dropped – it was because the transition set was based on a datetime attribute – a “Temporal Set”.

Performance implications of a lot of Sets

I’ve been creating lots of Sets lately. Lots and lots. I created over 400 of them and there are around 40k objects in the system. At TEC I found out that no one else seems to have created quite so many Sets so here are my observations.