Returning an object from a PowerShell function

Sometimes you think you understand something just fine – until it stops working, and then you realise you didn’t have a clue. So it was with me and the “Return” statement in PowerShell functions

Scheduled notifications from the FIM Portal

I was asked today to implement notification emails on changes to certain groups. Like many situations with the FIM Portal this turned out to be trickier than expected. A number of the groups are criteria-based so don’t actually have a member attribute as such. With no member-update request happening there’s nothing to actually trigger a…

Querying FIM WMI metrics with PowerShell

There has been a WMI way to get info about the Sync service, MAs and connector space objects since the MIIS days. There used to be a bunch of vbscript samples on TechNet but I’ve never seen them updated for PowerShell. The other day I wanted to produce a report of MA stats and thought…

Using PowerShell to query Request objects

I’ve been finding it useful to query Request objects for various reasons, mostly to get pending or historical changes out of them. This post contains a few script snippets and examples. Note I have developed and used these on FIM 2010 R2 only.

Removing a reference value

I needed to delete all the Managers from people in the FIM Portal where a particular Manager was set. I had blithely assumed this would be easy with the FIM PowerShell plugin – sadly, not so.

FIM Best Practice: Use PowerShell

I’ve had this post sitting in draft for a long time and for some reason hadn’t posted it yet – but then today my colleague Matt sent me a link to the Scripting Guy’s PowerShell Holiday Gift Guide. Yes I do love my PowerShell (and I’m hoping that Santa will bring me a copy of…