WorkflowInstance could not resolve any of the defined approvers: ‘[//WorkflowData/ApproverID];’

I’ve been trying to pass an ObjectID to the Approval activity via a WorkflowData parameter generated in the FIM PowerShell Activity but I had quite a bit of trouble getting the format right.

The MSDN doc for the Approvers property just says a String is required. I tried returning the ObjectID in both the following string formats:


but for both received the “could not resolve” error in the title of this post.

In the end I got the tip I needed from Ryan’s answer to his own forum question (can I just say I love people who come back and finish up their own questions!) and the PowerShell snippet that got the WorkflowData back in the correct format is:


where $ApproverID = “4d7e5fd1-d004-4b18-88f3-cfd545eaa999”

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  1. I had this challenge too, your post helped for single value. For sending notification to multiple recipients, the syntax was a little different.

    In addition to your above example, I found the below works for setting single-valued:

    $ApproverID = [Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.UniqueIdentifier]”4d7e5fd1-d004-4b18-88f3-cfd545eaa999″

    For multiple recipients, I found the following syntax was needed:

    [Microsoft.ResourceManagement.WebServices.UniqueIdentifier[]] $ApproverID = “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000”
    $ApproverID += “4d7e5fd1-d004-4b18-88f3-cfd545eaa999”
    $ApproverID += “e05d1f1b-3d5e-4014-baa6-94dee7d68c89”

    Either way then allows the setting of the workflowdata attribute with:

    $fimWF.WorkflowDictionary.Add(“ApproverID”, $ApproverID)

  2. Thanks for that Brian – I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before I’ll need to send multiple approvers too!

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