Deleting an attribute from the FIM Portal schema

To completely remove a binding and/or an attribute from the schema you need to do two things:

  1. Make sure it is removed from every MPR, Workflow, Set definition, Search Scope, Email Template etc. A simple way is to use the ExportPolicy script and then just search for the attribute in the resulting file.
  2. NULL the value on every object that has a value for this attribute. I posted some tips on this recently.


4 Replies to “Deleting an attribute from the FIM Portal schema”

  1. and if you’ll do that having FIM Reporting installed then it will stuck forever claiming that requests were made to an attribute which is missing in schema

  2. Oh dear – that’s good to know!
    Personally I’m pretty disappointed with R2 Reporting so far and am continuing with my own DIY reporting methods.

  3. Hi Ross,
    If you have created an ObjectTypeDescription resource, you have to know that FIM automatically create bindings with this resource type and common attributes (DisplayName, Creator, …). This is why you have to delete these BindingDescription resource before.

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